Angling in Iceland

Angling in Iceland has always been a popular activity considering the endless amount of rivers and streams to explore. When tourists talk about fishing in Iceland the experiences described are filled with adventurous and memorable stories. Travelers as well as locals alike find angling in Iceland to be one of the island’s best keep secrets. Fishing in Iceland’s natural untouched habitat is a rare and unforgettable adventure.

Angling Club of Reykjavik

The Reykjavik Angling Club was founded in May 17th 1939 by a group of local anglers who were interested in leasing rivers to fulfill their passion for fishing.

Fly Fishing

Welcome to Fly fishing in Iceland tour operator. One of the most important elements of your trip is a professional guide.  As an adviser and confidante, we pride ourselves on the caliber and diverse expertise of our guides.

Go-fishing Iceland

Go-Fishing Iceland is a tour operator specializing in professionally guided fishing tours designed for foreign travelers.

Iceland Fishing Guide

Iceland fishing guide offers guided fishing tours to many lakes and rivers in Iceland. We offer one day tours or longer, by request. Our tours are suitable for beginners as well as experienced anglers. We specialize in personal service and are able to customize the tours upon request.