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Borea Adventures

Adalstraeti 22b
IS 400
Tel: +354 456 3322
Borea Adventures offers adventurous kayaking and sailing trips in Iceland. The remote fjords and coves of the West Fjords of NW Iceland are the perfect area for sea kayaking tours. Experiencing the dramatic landscape with majestic bird cliffs and lush valleys is wonderful day excursion option when visiting Iceland. The wildlife is rich with almost 50 species of breeding birds, arctic foxes, seals, whales and porpoises. Using the comfortable expedition yacht AURORA as a mothership allows for a flexible schedule, enhanced safety and the ability to cover a lot of ground. We can choose to paddle all day between anchorages or we can take the kayaks onboard the yacht and sail to a different location if the weather changes. There are many opportunities to combine the paddling with hikes and walks in the mountains and along the coast.