Camper rental iceland

Caravan Iceland

Selvik 3b
230 Keflavik 
Iceland is a camper van rental service. The company is situated in Keflavik, five minutes from the international airport. We can arrange transport from the airport to our headquarters where you choose your holiday motor home.

Prices/Motor homes
- Joint Z 350 for six people
- Dodge Ram 4x4/Camper
- Campervan (also available for winter season)

It is increasingly popular to travel trough the Icelandic nature in the comfort of a luxurious camper. It gives tourists the opportunity to experience Iceland freely without involving too much planning. Even though Iceland has a small population, the Island itself is a third bigger than Scotland. Caravan travel in Iceland is the ideal way to get around, because along the way there are so many well hidden natural gems that just demand a stop off.

For highway driving we offer fully equipped comfortable motor homes. The caravans are easy to drive and economical to run and include all the major comforts such as a toilet with a separate shower, plenty of storage space and comfortable beds. We offer two sizes: the Z350 for four persons and the Z550 which up to six people can comfortably enjoy.

If you want to experience the beautiful, vast highlands in the centre of Iceland we offer a different solution: four wheel drive trucks which can access even remote areas in Central Iceland. When travelling in the Icelandic highlands we strongly recommend well equipped four by four vehicles that can easily cross rivers and handle the rough roads of the highlands. Our Dodge Ram 4x4 equipped with Sun-Lite folding camper meets all the requirements when travelling through the Icelandic highlands – comfortably accommodates 2-3 people.

With our caravans and convertible motor homes, you can adapt without having to compromise. Just travel the way you like at your own pace.

We guarantee you the best value camper and caravan rental service in Iceland!