Fjords in Iceland

Fjords in Iceland

Given the range of geography in Iceland there are many places in Iceland that people wouldn’t think to explore. The Fjords in Iceland are among those places. The Icelandic fjords carry a mystery beyond the typical Icelandic landmarks that one has to see for themselves.

North Iceland

Oxarfjordur is a fjord located in North-East Iceland between the Tjornes and Melrakkasletta headlands. Unlike others, this Icelandic fjord is encircled by mountain ranges and to the west and east, and the Gjastykki lava fields to the south. Kopasker, the nearest village in the area contains about 130 residents.
As this Icelandic fjord is rather wide, it might as well be considered a bay. The landscape by Oxarfjordur is attractive, featuring woodlands and tuff mountains. Around the farming district Nupasveit are moss-covered lava fields, sands and heathery moors.

South Iceland

Faxafloi is a large bay in the southwest of Iceland, located between the peninsulas Snaefellsnes (to the north) and Reykjanes (to the south). The main Icelandic fjords of the bay are Borgarfjordur, Hvalfjordur, Kollafjordur and Hafnarfjordur. Some of Iceland's largest towns are located by the bay and Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, lies on its southeastern shore. 
Faxafloi bay is popular for Icelandic whale- and birdwatching, sea angling and has great fishing grounds. In Kollafjordur is Videy Island, featuring the Lennon/One Peacetower, Richard Scerra's 'Milestones' and other attractions, along with great Icelandic birdlife. The mountain ring seen from the bay is particularly beautiful.

East Iceland

The town of Eskifjordur, named after the fjord on which it is situated, is built on a small sand spit and up the slopes of the mountain on this Icelandic fjord´s northern shore. Its main industries are fishing and small-scale farming. The town of Eskifjordur faces the magnificent mountain Holmatindur, from the top of which one can view some of the tallest mountains in the Icelandic interior. One of the favored sights in the area is the Helgustadanaman mine, which is one of the world´s best-known sources of Icelandic spar. The area, which is just a ten-minute drive from the town, is a nature reserve and open to all, free of charge.
The dramatic east coast boasts long, narrow Icelandic fjords with steep sides and jagged peaks which contrast with inland fertile farmlands. As one of the most photogenic places in Iceland, the natural harbors are well known for their postcard-esque fishing villages and seemingly never-ending roads cross the region. The beautiful views are limitless when in it comes to this area of geography in Iceland.

West Iceland

The Westfjords is a large peninsula located in Northwest Iceland. Given the mountainous structure of this special place in Iceland, the coastline is heavily indented by dozens of Icelandic fjords surrounded by steep hills. For this reason and the untainted nature, the Westfjords is one Iceland’s best kept secrets. The landscape of the Westfjords is untouched and almost uninhabited. Latrabjarg, the western-most part of Europe, is regarded as the longest bird cliff in the northern Atlantic Ocean, housing millions of birds including puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razorbills. The Westfjords are a great place to watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) during the winter and equally fantastic to experience the midnight sun during the summer.