Golfing Iceland



Golfing Iceland

Our goal is to introduce and promote Iceland as the unique golf experience that it is. Iceland may not have the world's best courses but the best courses are of hight standard and one thing we can surely promise: Playing golf in Iceland is an unique experience. The golf game will become something new when playing in Iceland. Where else can you play golf in 24 hour daylight? Where else do you have hot springs on the golf course? Where else can you play a round where you play the first nine holes in baking sunshine and the last nine holes in pouring rain?

With 24 hour daylight during the summer months you can start your round at 6am and by noon you are on your way out on sea whale watching. After dinner, say about 9pm, after you have tasted the world famous fish or lamb, you head back to the golf course and play past midnight.

We want Golfing Iceland to give you the best information but we can not do that without your input. That is why we ask fo your input if you have any experience or advice on the courses or regions or just have travel tips to share. You can use one of our forms on the right or just pop us an e-mail.

The courses vary and each region has it's own characteristics, so choosing where to go might not be an easy task. If you need help choosing just send us an e-mail and we'll try our best to help. We'll also try our very best to help if you need advice on sight-seeing, recreational and accommodation options.