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Home Luxury Apartments
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Home Apartments

Designed to serve as a luxury urban retreat, or a base of operations for an elite businessman looking for an extra advantage, the boutique residence hotel Home offers the best of Reykjavik. Home is at the heart of downtown Reykjavík, overlooking the Prime Minster's office, and meters from Reykjavík's main shopping street, Laugavegur. The hotel itself is a landmark, built in the style of the late 19th century housing that first established Reykjavík. Laid-back luxury best describes the five rooms, each of which is fitted with the best in international design, and set up with Icelandic decorative art. Amenities include large-screen LCD TVs, Bose sound systems, kitchen- ettes and wireless internet, essential for business furloughs, and even more helpful for casual travelers.

Beautiful, unique studio apartments

The units at Home are labeled studios, studio 1 through 4, then the Penthouse. Each studio is unique, set up with local artwork and custom-de- signed using local materials. owner/ Designer Agnar Agnarsson built the hotel as part of his homecoming to his native Iceland. He won a W hotels design competition, and contracts with Weston hotels and a number of architecture firms kept him in New York for more than nine years. The details of the rooms demonstrate the skills he shaped in New York, and the love for his country that brought him back. Aside from the gallery- level artwork on the walls, every floorboard, headboard and countertop is custom-built from unique Icelandic products. Local granite rocks come together to form a shockingly beautiful headboard in some rooms, and even the lampshades are custom-made, crafted from local traditions in wool art.

Luxury Penthouse

The Penthouse is a two-bedroom apartment, more playful than the studios. Luxury touches include the sound sensitive coffee table in the living room designed by the band Daft Punk, the enormous teak bathing tub dubbed "Lucky Luke" in the bathroom, and a private balcony with a retractable pro- tective shelter that can allow visitors to cook out and observe the Northern Lights or the 24-hour daylight in comfort.

apartment reykjavik

apartment reykjavik
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