Coffee house, restaurant & night club that offers both great prices and awesome fun!
Hressingarskálinn is a warm place with plenty of seating and great location in downtown Reykjavik. One of the few places that opens up 9 AM to serve breakfast for hungry travelers or locals. Hressingarskálinn is a big part of Reykjavík's history. The house was built in 1802 and the restaurant was established in 1932. The house has hosted Hressingarskálinn since 1932. It has a magnetic effect on Iceland's most talented artists and writers to sit down for a coffee. They offer smokers a heated patio with service all day. Over the summer, this place is alive. The yard is completely sheltered from the wind, which allows you to enjoy beverages and food in the sun.

Thursday to Sunday is usually packed with people all over the world. It's great place to meet strangers for some interesting story sharing. Live bands on Fridays and Saturdays guarantees a crowd before all the popular DJ 's hits the floor with party tunes at 01:00-04:30.


The menu consists of great selections and offers everything from breakfast to a fantastic dinner. Hressingarskálinn offers Icelandic food for curious visitors. You can always stop for the traditional icelandic meat soup. If not, you have to try the lamb or the fish stew, you won't be disappointed. Hressingarskálinn is stylish and old at the same time, a history well preserved.