Igdlo Guesthouse (101 IceGuesthouse)

Accommodation in Iceland

Igdlo Guesthouse
Gunnarsbraut 46
101 Reykjavik

Tel: +354 564 5555

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guesthouse reykjavik

Guest House in Reykjavik

Our aim is SIMPLE : to provide the most comfortable, cleanest and cheapest accommodation in downtown Reykjavik area.

Our aim is simple it’s to be the most comfortable, the cleanest,  and cheapest guesthouse in downtown Reykjavik. We range from single bed rooms to 8 bed (bunk beds) in  our 17 room house. The location is great less than 500m (550 yards) from the main bus terminal which takes you direct to Keflavik airport and all the neccessery sigtseeings outside of Reykjavik. Staying in the centre of town means you got all the shops, restaurants, galleries, museums and cafes in a short walking distance. To provide the cheapest prices we like visitors who stay for 3 days or more if you are one of them you‘re guaranteed with the best prices in town, we of course welcome all guests.

There is a large dining area where you can order your breakfast or use for cooking for lunch or dinner in our kitchen.

We don‘t have to rely on our staff to be friendly as we‘re a family business, it‘s going to be either of us brothers or wife who will be more than happy to assist before or during you stay so ensure you‘ll have the most enjoyable time during your stay in Iceland. We‘re all experienced travellers and we know all too well that the short time we spend in a new country/city is so well better enjoyed if you are well planned or/and get good local info/help.

If you want more luxorious accomodation we can provide high quality apartments all within the chic 101 area ranging from 2 people apartments to 10 people apartments.


guesthouse reykjavik

guesthouse reykjavik
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