Nonni Travel

Nonni Travel

Brekkugata 5
602 Akureyri

Tel: +354 461 1841

Tours to Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland

Nonni Travel is a fully licensed travel bureau with main offices in Akureyri. We aim to encourage the travel of foreign and Icelandic visitors to the North Atlantic region and can assist other agencies with clients wishing to travel to Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland. Nonni Travel is founded in 1988 by Helena Dejak, who was born and raised in Slovenia, but has lived in Iceland since 1974.

Selected excursions and recreations

Nonni Travel offers a carefully chosen selection of excursions and recreational pursuits. Special travel arrangements and a consultancy service for individuals or small groups is offered as well as arrangements for conferences in Akureyri. Tours encompass the whole of Iceland and the programme has been expanded to include destinations in south, west and east Greenland. In Greenland Nonni Travel organises dog sledge trips during March, April and May. During the summer months kayak, boat, trekking and cruising excursions are amont the offers.

Professional multilingual guides

Serving 3,000 clients annually, Nonni Travel has built a reputation for reliability and personal service. In Iceland, Nonni Travel employs professional guides, fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Slovenian and the Scandinavian languages. Guides/hunters in Greenland speak Danish and are able to communicate in English.