Nordura River

A River Trough Borgarfjordur

The Nordura River or the Northern river runs through the Borgarfjordur region in the central west of Iceland. The region is home to some of the most stunning scenery in Iceland with everything from flat grassy fields to high mountains which make for some excellent day hikes.

It has many beautiful waterfalls, valleys, inactive volcanoes, volcanic fields, forests and lakes. These hidden pearls of Borgarfjordur are easily accessible from the main road the Ring road or highway nr 1 which runs right through it and there are easy to follow signs to help guide you along.

Nordura River and Salmon

The Nordura River is one of several tributaries to the glacial river Hvita, together these rivers flow from the highlands of Iceland cutting through the landscape in twists and turns before reaching the North Atlantic.

The Nordura River is consistently among the very best salmon fishing rivers in Iceland.
It is quite popular amongst Icelanders who have been fishing in its clear waters for generations but today people come from all over the world to fish in these challenging waters.

Salmon fishing in Iceland is an expensive hobby because the fishing is restricted to some extent. Efforts are being made to try to maintain a certain level of control over free range salmon fishing to protect the rivers natural environment and prevent overfishing. Therefore only a few rods are allowed per day per section of river.

The Beauty of Nordura River

By Icelandic standards the Nordura River is a slightly larger than medium river in volume, it flows deep in places while creating broad rapids in others. Because of its diversity it is often called the most beautiful river.

At it's origins high above the Borgarfjordur valley the upper part of the Nordura River is rather flat stretching out over the landscape like a blue ribbon. In these parts the rivers bottom is mostly gravel and rocks making for a very smooth ride.

The middle section is set in the lush green landscape of central Borgarfjordur, it runs up and down from the beautiful waterfall Glanni. The area is predominated by rocks but a large section of the Nordura river runs through the great lava fields from the now dormant volcano Grabrok.The jagged volcanic rocks create a beautiful and unusual sight when they mix with the bushes, trees and green grass flats that are also found along this section of the river.

The lower part of the Nordura River commences just below the Laxfoss waterfall, so named because of the mass migration of the wild Atlantic salmon that can be seen jumping up the waterfall. The sight is spectacular and it is well worth the wait to see. This area is particularly picturesque with the river running strongly through a woodland canyon with some of the most beautiful and inviting pools you will come across anywhere in the world.