Restaurants Iceland

Because the questions "what to eat in Iceland" and "Where to eat in Iceland" can be a bit of a struggle for the tourist in Iceland we have compiled a list of some of the restaurants in Reykjavik which offer Icelandic seafood fresh from the sea, Icelandic lamb and other traditional Icelandic food. And because it is not unlikely that you will travel outside of Reykjavik on a tour of Iceland or in a rented car, we have also included a selection of some of Iceland's best restaurants where you will have a culinary adventure.

3 Frakkar

3 Frakkar is a seafood restaurant, located in central Reykjavik. It‘s been in business for over twenty years, and has always been popular among locals and travelers in Iceland.

A naestu grosum - First Vegetarian

A naestu grosum, also known as First Vegetarian, is a vegetarian restaurant located in downtown Reykjavik. 

American Style

American Style is one of Iceland‘s best known dining chains with outlets all over Reykjavik and it‘s greater area.


Argentina is the largest steakhouse in Iceland in more than one way. It is a genuinely big occasion when you decide to go out for dinner in Iceland, and they offer you service to match.

Austur-Indiafjelagid - Indian Restaurant

Austur-Indiafjelagid is the oldest, most popular and well-established Indian restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Baejarins Bestu

Baejarins beztu pylsur. Translation: The best hot dogs in town. We assure you that it‘s no overstatement or exaggeration.

Café Flora

Café Flora is a delightful little café located inside a gazebo in the Reykjavik Botanical Gardens.

Cafe Paris

Since 1992 Café Paris has been a part of Reykjavik culture. It is sure to say that Cafe Paris has been a part Reykjavik's culture. 


Caruso Restaurant is a well known Italian restaurant located in the heart of downtown Reykjavik.

Dill Restaurant

Dill Restaurant is a small intimate restaurant located in the renowned Nordic House. Surrounded by a wild bird reserve and situated next to a small lake, this undiscovered gem is just a 15-minute walk from downtown Reykjavik.

Einar Ben

Located in the center of Reykjavik´s downtown area is Einar Ben, a fine dining Icelandic cuisine restaurant.


Reykjavik is home to many of the finest seafood restaurants in the world, one of which is Fiskfélagið, The Fish Company.

Fiskmarkadurinn - Fish Market

Fiskmarkadurinn (Fish Market) is a top quality seafood restaurant, located in one of the oldest buildings in central Reykjavik. It was founded by Icelandic culinary team member Hrefna Rósa Sætran in 2007. 


Forréttabarinn specializes in a range of delicious starters and is located close to the Old Harbor. The relaxed ambiance really makes you feel at home, and the service is friendly and personal.

Grillmarkadurinn - Grill Market

Grillmarkadurinn (Grillmarket) is a top quality grill restaurant located in central Reykjavik and was founded by Icelandic culinary team member Hrefna Rósa Sætran. 


Hereford steakhouse is located on the second floor of Laugavegur 53b. Hereford focuses on offering only the best in steaks while keeping prices moderate. 


Hressingarskálinn is a warm place with plenty of seating and great location in downtown Reykjavik. One of the few places that opens up 9 AM to serve breakfast for hungry travelers or locals. 


Laekjarbrekka is a renowned Icelandic restaurant housed in a quaint little cottage in central Reykjavik. 

Nautholl Bistro

Located in the outskirts of Oskjuhlid and overlooking the beautiful thermal beach Nautholsvik, Nautholl bistro is a wonderful restaurant that is only a 5-minute drive away from downtown Reykjavik. Nautholl features modern Icelandic cuisine...


Nudluskalin is an amazing little counter shop noodle bar on Skolavordustigur in central Reykjavik. It‘s main objective is to offer fast food that is healthy, palatable and low priced...


Osushi is one of the finest and most popular sushi restaurants in Reykjavik city. They take fresh Icelandic fish and prepare it with the utmost standard of excellence. 

Perlan Restaurant - The Pearl

The Pearl is not only one of Reykjavik´s most interesting buildings that offers a 360° view, but also hosts one of the city´s best restaurants.

Rauda Husid – The Red House

Rauda Husid (The Red House) is a restaurant in a historical house situated in Eyrarbakki, a beautiful little fishing-town on the south coast of Iceland. 


Rub23 is a seafood restaurant in Reykjavik (and Akureyri) with an impressive selection of fish, and a wide variety of sushi and meat courses. 


Sakebarinn is Located on the corner of Laugavegur and Skolavordustigur. It opened in the summer of 2012 and like in Sushibarinn, they made everything by order to get the most freshness out of the ingredients.

They aim for a very relaxed and personal atmosphere and have an upstairs room that's perfect for privat functions.

Sjavargrillid – Seafood Grill

Sjavargrillið (seafood grill) is, as the name implies, an Icelandic seafood restaurant in Reykjavík, located midway between Hallgrimskirkja and Laugavegur, the main shopping street. 

Sushi Samba

Sushisamba offers a unique fusion of Japanese and South American cuisine combined with the freshness of Icelandic ingredients.


Just like their Spanish counterparts, Icelanders go to bars and restaurants to meet friends, to chat, argue, joke and flirt. Tapas Barinn is the ideal venue for such activity, offering great food and great service in a relaxed atmosphere to complement the happiest of evenings. Tapas Barinn is also the only restaurant in Reykjavik which kitchen is open till 01:00 on weekends and 23:30 during the week.

Vegamot - Resturant & Night Club

Vegamót is an elegant but casual two floor restaurant, located in the heart of the city on Vegamótastígur. It is one of those places that have the wonderful quality of being all in one