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Iceland - Reykjavik Nightlife and Bars

As with Reykjavik the best spots to start socializing are bars and pubs, as well as some of the cafes that turn into bars after 6pm. Some of the bars listed below are attached to restaurants but you can always drink without eating.  

Iceland nightlife bars

Icelanders go out quite late so often a night might look quite slow when all of a sudden things start to kick off. On a weekend this might not happen until midnight or later. After that it will get very difficult to get into some of the hottest nightclubs. So if you are not a VIP, don't know the doorman or anyone that can get you in, you have to get in early.

Another popular option is to use nightlife guides. Nightlife guides offer a great service, no waiting in line, VIP service and even cheaper drinks, so paying a little might get you a lot. Be sure to book in advance, all the good get taken pretty quickly. 

Bars and clubs stay open till 1 in the morning on weekdays but don't be surprised to party till 5 or later on weekends. Saturdays are normally bigger nights in Reykjavik but Fridays usually don't dissapoint.

Don't expect to get into a club in style-conscious Reykjavík if you turn up in full hiking gear – the dress code is generally smart. For foreigners things are more relaxed, but you'll feel more comfortable if you're smart-casual. At some places, jeans and sneakers aren't allowed. However you're kitted out, don't be surprised if you're approached and have to take on a conversation with the straight forward locals as soon as you've set foot through the door. 

In Reykjavik the night usually starts out slow but around midnight most places are packed with partypeople.

Prices of drinks in Reykjavik vary but generally a pint of beer costs around 800-1000 Icelandic kr. Single vodka in soda around 1000 and double in soda around 1800 IKR. When in Iceland we recommend that you try the the great selection of Icelandic beer. On the top of the list is the Borg beer. The brewers at Egill's won several awards for their beer and as a reward the company bought them a microbrewery to "play around with". The result is the Borg beer which is normally brewed in limited supply. Do not visit Iceland without trying !  

Here are a few places in Reykjavik we thought you might like

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The English Pub    

Enski Barinn / English Pub Iceland

Austurstræti 12 - 101 Reykjavik
Has the English Pub feel to it. Live football matches and Live music during weekends.

Age: 18-40 yr
Crowd: Students, Regular, Working Class
Music: Rock and Pop

Kaffi Reykjavik     

Vesturgata 2 - 101 Reykjavík
Resturant in downtown Reykjavik. Great for larger groups.

Age: 30+
Crowd: Upper Class, Non-Locals
Music: ?


Bankastræti 12 - 101 Reykjavík
Coffehouse by day, Bar by night. Popular with locals and right in the middle of Icelandic Nightlife.

Age: 20-35 yr

Crowd: Students, Regular, Working Class
Music: Rock and Pop

Celtic Cross     

Hverfisgata 26 - 101 Reykjavík
Irish pub, usually live music during weekends. Not very complicated, show up and drink

Age: 20-40
Crowd: Students, Working Class, Hipsters
Music: Rock, Live Trubadors

Sólon Islandus     

Bankastræti 7a - 101 Reykjavík
Bistro by day, popular club by night. Sólon offers a great variety of dishes and drinks. 

Age: 20-35
Crowd: Young, Students,
Music: Dance 

Ölstofa Kormáks & Skjaldar     

Vegamótastígur 4 - 101 Reykjavík
It's a simple, straightforward pub, a popular place for some of Icelands celebrities and intellectuals. No music, no dancing but lots of alcohol to be consumed. Photography is prohibited.

Age: 25-50
Crowd: Hipsters
Music: None


Vegamót - Vegmot Iceland

Vegamótastígur 4 - 101 Reykjavík

Probably Reykjavik's best kept nightlife secret. With a location you might need to scout out not all non-locals stumble upon this place. Be sure that you do though. Hugely popular with locals this place does not dissapoint. Bistro by day, Club by night. Do not miss !

Age: 18-35
Crowd: Young, Students, Locals,
Music: Mainstream, Dance


Faktory - Live music Iceland

Smiðjustíg 6 - 101 Reykjavík
Live music, lots of beer and Jagerbombs !

Age: 18-35

Crowd: Young, Students, Locals,
Music: House, R&B


Bankastræti 5 - 101 Reykjavík
Very popular by the icelanders. Probably the most popular club in Reykjavik at the moment. Show up early or wait in line for hours. Suit up, dresscode DOES apply ! We do reccomend that you make reservations for a private table, it comes with benefits.

Age: 18-40
Crowd: Young, Upper Class, 
Music: Dance, Mainstream

Ellefan (11)     

Hverfisgata - 101 Reykjavík
This is probably the place you end up in when the sun is about to rise again. Open dusk til dawn and usually does not dissapoint.

Age: 18-40
Crowd: Young, Working Class,  
Music: Rock


Austurstræti 7 - 101 Reykjavík
Steakhouse by day, popular nightclub by night 

Age: 20-50

Crowd: All  
Music: Dance