Horseback Riding in Iceland

Horseback riding in Iceland carries much weight and tradition as its roots are deep in the Viking era of this country. Many locals and travelers alike enjoy the calm and serene nature of the Icelandic horse. As Icelandic horseback riding is on the top 10 list of many people visiting Iceland, there are a variety of tour companies that provide excellent packages to accommodate every type of rider.

For riders, the options being offered are as flexible as the animals themselves, ranging from an introductory trot lasting an hour or two, to trans-Iceland safaris taking two weeks or more. Whatever you decide, experiencing the trot of the esteemed Icelandic horse in Iceland’s natural surroundings will make for a worthy and unforgettable journey.


Hekluhestar - the Horses of Hekla - was established in 1981 by Jon Benediktsson and Nicole Chéné at the farm Austvadsholt in South Iceland.

Lysuholl Horses and Holidays

The beautifully situated horse farm Lýsuhóll on the Southern coast of Snæfellsnes peninsula offers a variety of services


Solhestar is a horse rental that offers a broad variety of exciting riding tours. Solhestar is located just 30 minutes (by car) from Reykjavík. Solhestar offers tours for more experienced riders and absolute beginners so everyone can enjoy their riding tour to the fullest.