Walking in Thingvellir

There are various walking paths and trails in Iceland that are worth strolling along if you enjoy nature.
Many of the well marked trekking paths are close to the main roads making them available to most people. They are well marked and maintained throughout the year.
In and around the National Parks in Iceland there are also many scenic and informative walks such as those that have recently been 
renovated in Thingvellir.
This historic place is one of Iceland's pearls of nature, it is also considered by many to be the heart of Icelandic culture and identity.
The gravel paths around Thingvellir are easily 
accessible from the information center and the parking lot at the visitor center. They run throughout the park and are marked with guide sticks that are easy to follow. Along the length of the hike the parks officials have set up small placks with historic information about Althingi which are well worth reading.

Trekking in Thingvellir

If you feel like taking a longer and perhaps more challenging trek around Thingvellir there are many trails throughout the park itself and around the lake. Most of them lead to the old abandoned farms of Hrauntún. Skógarkot and Vatnskot, where visitors can see remnants of what life was like before the industrial revolution.
Most of the paths are easy to follow but are only intended for on-foot traffic. 
Horse riding is also permitted along the old traditional riding paths of Langistígur, Skógarkotsvegur and Nýja-Hrauntúnsgata.
In all cases it is important to keep to the marked paths as Icelandic nature is very fragile.

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