Longest river in Iceland

Thjorsa, Iceland’s longest river, sources from the icelandic glacier Hofsjokull.
At 230 km (143 mi), it flows out through narrow gorges in the highlands of Iceland. Before it enters the lowlands, it meets the Tungnaa River before passing the valley of Thjorsardalur.

The river also has several small islets, the largest being Hagaey and Arnes, where from Arnessysla county takes its name.
At Arnes you can see the ruins of an ancient local parliament, Arnesthing.

Thjorsa also offers great opportunities for fishing in Iceland.
Thjorsa and its tributaries are among the most abundant salmon rivers in Iceland. Salmon, trout, tar, salmon trout, stickleback, eel and the European Flounder are all found in this popular river in Iceland.
Seals are also found in the river and have long been hunted there.

Last, but not least, river rafting on Thjorsa is a popular and exhilarating experience.