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Elding - Whale-watching

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Whale Watching in Iceland - Reykjavik

Elding whale watching is located in Reykjavík. Whale watching tours are scheduled from Reykjavík April through September. Coach-pickup provided.

Elding Whale Watching is a family-owned company. It was founded in May 2000 and has established itself as one of the leading whale watching operators in Iceland. Elding Tours have two superb whale-watching boats: the flagship, the Elding, a 130-ton cruiser for 150 passengers with 3 viewing platforms, and the Elding II, a luxurious 30-ton motor yacht, carrying up to 38 passengers.

The ground staff and captains prepare for each trip well in advance to ensure that the trips depart using the most suitable vessel for the tour. Minibuses will take passengers from their hotel to the boat and back again afterwards, if required. At Elding, we understand the importance of offering a trip which can be enjoyed without limitation. Therefore, all possible precautions are taken to ensure a safe and comfortable trip, so that our passengers can concentrate on the fun and excitement of the tour!

Whale sightings: 

Whales most frequently seen on tours with Elding are the Minke whales, groups of White-beaked dolphins and Porpoises. Very often we see the popular Humpback whales and occasionally the Killer whales (Orcas). Some times we see Fin- and Sei whales but very rarely the Blue whales.


The charismatic puffins arrive in Iceland in April and depart at the end of August. During the breeding season, tours stop by a typical bird-island called Akurey, which is populated by over 15,000 pairs of puffins.

Other birds:

Iceland is a paradise for birds during summer. On the tours with Elding, we see a lot of beautiful seabirds flying around the boat. Some of the birds are residents while others just stop here for the summer, to feed and nest. On our whale watching tours we enjoy close sightings of many different sea birds such as the puffins, gannets, cormorants, guillemots, razorbills, gulls, kittiwakes, terns and many more.

Sighting guarantee:

We have an extremely high success rate of sightings but in the unlikely event of not seeing anything we offer another tour for free.

Sea angling Sea: 

Angling tours are scheduled from Reykjavík harbour from early June to late August, but can be booked at other times. Sea angling is a fantastic experience. The crystal clear air and the excitement of catching a fish in the happy company of first-timers and experienced fishermen make this a “must-do” trip.  The most commonly caught fish on our tours are cod, haddock, Pollock and catfish. If you are lucky, you might even catch a giant halibut! We provide all the equipment needed for fishing and assistance by experienced guides. First-class tours for individuals and groups of all sizes. Enjoy our bar & lounge on board and the opportunity of grilling your catch fresh from the sea.


We have very good and experienced guides which are linked to a PA system for the entire trip. A successful whale watching tour is a team effort and each tour is unique. The guides and the captain work together with the passengers on spotting the whales, making the trip an exciting and unforgettable experience.  Our guides speak English and either German, Swedish, Spanish, Finnish, French or Italian as a second or third language.

Warm overalls: 

To make the trip even more comfortable we provide our passengers with warm, floatable overalls and raincoats. For safety reasons, all children under 12 years of age are required to wear life jackets during the tour.

Areas covered on whale watching tours with Elding:

On tours with departure from Reykjavik South part of the bay Faxafloi is covered, ranging from Garðskagi in the west and Hvalfjörður in the east.

We offer customized tours for groups such as evening tours to Hvalfjörður (Whale-fjord), longer whale watching tours, bird watching, sea angling, grill parties, evening- or midnight tours. Whale watching tours with Elding can be combined other activities in Hafnarjörður, Reykjavík and Sandgerði.

For further information please give us a call or send us an E-mail.